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March 9, 2012 / iDriveWarships

SWO e-Mentor Program

ATTN: Junior Officers
The SWO e-Mentor program is looking for your membership and input! Interest among Senior Officers to mentor in this forum is growing.

WHAT:  The SWO e-Mentor program is an online mentor matching program launched in 2009 for Surface Warfare Officers. It provides access to the vast experience of the entire Surface Community by expanding mentorship opportunities outside of your normal sphere of interaction. 

WHO: Over 850 Surface Warfare Officers are currently enrolled in the SWO e-Mentor program, either as mentors, mentees or both. Potential mentors range from active and retired Flag Officers with all levels of experience to include over 100 Major and Commander Command Officers. Mentees who have joined the program searching for mentors range from Midshipmen and first tour Division Officers seeking near-peer fleet experience or long-term career guidance, to senior officers looking for a mentor to help them reach their next career milestone.

WHERE:  Click here to get started. For any questions regarding program administration, please contact CDR Chris Entenza, COMNAVSURFPAC Diversity Officer at 619-522-7685 or

WHY:  The Surface community enjoys a great diversity of experience in its Officers. Those at your command—while key to your growth and development—offer only a snapshot of that experience. The e-Mentor program expands your potential mentor pool considerably, and allows for an even larger perspective of experiences and background from which to choose.

Feedback received during a recent Navy Diversity survey…

“Excellent overall program. It’s a valuable service to SWO officers.”

“I enjoy mentoring JOs since it brings the community together more about opportunities and career progressions on the Reserve Component side and also helps to integrate the Active and Reserve Components more. It also educates the JOs more about positions/units to become acquainted with to best help themselves, the unit, the Navy and our overall U.S. strategic mission.”“e-SWO Mentor is a great tool, I have been using it since SEP 2009.”

“I found a good mentor with experiences and a post-command perspective that is very useful.”


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