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May 9, 2012 / iDriveWarships

Navy Announces Shiphandler of the Year

The technical and mechanical knowledge, responsibility and planning required to operate a Navy ship are not skills learned overnight, often taking years of experience to master. To put their junior officers’ training to the ultimate test, seasoned Commanding Officers nominate their best shiphandlers to compete against their peers using simulated trainers to test navigation, seamanship and shiphandling.

The winners of this match-up then move on to compete at the Surface Warfare Officer’s School in Newport, R.I. for the prestigious title of Surface Force Junior Officer Shiphandler of the Year.

In this year’s final face-off, LTJG Andrew Groh from USS Ford (U.S. Pacific Fleet winner) and LTJG Daniel Giller from USS Truxtun (U.S. Atlantic Fleet winner) were graded on their “Rules of the Road,” including proper use of standard commands, coordination of engine and helm orders, development and execution of a plan, and their ability to plan for unforeseen circumstances.

Judging the competition was the Chief of Staff from both fleet concentrations, CAPT Roy Kitchener (U.S. Pacific) and CAPT Matt Beaver (U.S. Atlantic), who named the overall winner LTJG Giller.

RADM John Christenson, president of the U.S. Naval War College, presented awards to both finalists on behalf of the type commanders. Both officers will be recognized during the 2013 Surface Navy Association National Symposium in Washington D.C.


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