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May 17, 2012 / iDriveWarships

Battleship Movie Premieres May 18

The movie “Battleship” hits theaters across the country this weekend. So why did the Navy decide to support this film and what can you expect to see?

Produced by Universal Pictures and directed by Peter Berg, “Battleship” was made with the support of the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Navy. Before supporting a major motion picture, the Navy made sure that the script was an accurate portrayal of the Navy, positively represented our service and Sailors, and did not impact operations. Ultimately, it may even have a positive impact on recruiting.

There were also risks associated with NOT participating. Whether or not it was supported by the Navy, “Battleship” was going to be made—carrying the Navy brand and representing who we are to the American people. Not everyone can make it out on a ship, but we can help Hollywood bring the Navy to life on the big screen. Consequently, it’s in our best interest to engage and make sure that movies like “Battleship” accurately portray who we are and what we do as a Navy.

Following DoD approval in 2010, the film’s production began in early 2010, and principal photography took place during the Pacific Fleet’s RIMPAC training exercise later that year. Because filming took place on top of already scheduled training events, it did not impair the exercise and there was no cost to the Navy or American taxpayers. Additional filming also took place in Hawaii, San Diego, and on a film set in Baton Rouge, La., constructed by Universal Studios. The end result is a film that provides moviegoers with a realistic look at the Navy and our Sailors operating at sea.

While the film first opened internationally in April, “Battleship” will certainly be a topic of conversation among Americans this weekend and beyond.  


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  1. Cindi Herring / Dec 6 2014 2:43 pm

    Love this movie. Great Job bringing in those who Served our Country. Greg Gadson was inspiring. Thank You to all involved in the making of “Battleship.”
    Cynthia Herring

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