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March 7, 2013 / iDriveWarships

New and Improved SWO e-Mentor Program


Surface Warriors, the SWO e-Mentor program is looking for your membership and input! Interest among senior officers to mentor in this forum is growing and we are looking for junior officers to participate as well.

The SWO e-Mentor program is an online mentor-protégé matching program launched in 2009 for SWOs. It provides access to the vast experience of the Surface Community by expanding mentorship opportunities outside of your wardroom. The new and improved e-Mentor site is locally hosted by COMNAVSURFPAC. It’s simple to use, and is much more responsive to user feedback than our previous e-Mentor software program.

More than 900 Surface Warfare Officers were in the previous SWO e-Mentor program, either as mentors, protégés, or both. Mentors are active and retired flag officers and major and commander/ command officers. Protégés range from midshipmen to department heads seeking near-peer fleet experience to help them reach their next career milestone.

Click here to get started (CAC-enabled site). For any questions regarding program administration, please contact:

CDR Chris Entenza, COMNAVSURFPAC Diversity Officer at 619-522-7685 or

LTJG Angela Kuder, Assistant COMNAVSURFPAC Diversity Officer at 619-437-3781 or

The Surface community enjoys a great diversity of experience in its officers. Those at your command—while key to your growth and development—may offer only a snapshot of that experience. The e-Mentor program expands your potential mentor pool and provides a greater range of experiences and insights from which to choose. COMNAVSURFPAC encourages all Surface Warfare Officers to participate in this program.

*Above photo, courtesy of Navy Times


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