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May 14, 2013 / iDriveWarships

LCS 5 Crest Unveiled

Milwaukee (LCS 5) crest

The unveiling of pre-commissioning unit Milwaukee (LCS 5)’s official ship crest took place in both San Diego and its namesake city of Milwaukee, Wis. today. Scheduled to be commissioned in early 2015, Milwaukee is the fifth ship in the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) class.

In the city of Milwaukee, prospective commanding officer of LCS Crew 111, Cmdr. Michael Brasseur, presented the unveiling of the LCS 5 crest, alongside the Mayor of Milwaukee, Tom Barrett; the City Manager; and various community members and business leaders.

In San Diego where LCS crews are undergoing training, Cmdr. Hank Kim, commanding officer of LCS Crew 104 currently embarked on USS Fort Worth (LCS 3), also unveiled the crest to LCS Crew 111 and LCS Crew 104, which will be the sister crew of Milwaukee upon commissioning.

The design of the crest began with graphic artist Christine Adams, wife of prospective executive officer, Lt. Cmdr. David Adams. Inputs were taken from both crews, as well as Milwaukee residents, and additional assistance was provided by the Milwaukee Art Museum.

“We believe the design is a true representation of the city of Milwaukee, her people, our crews and our warship,” said Cmdr. Brasseur.

Symbolism of the Milwaukee crest:

The colors dark blue and gold are traditionally associated with the U.S. Navy, and are prominently displayed throughout the seal. The crest also features the colors celeste and azure. Celeste represents the waters of Lake Michigan where the City of Milwaukee is located.

Two lightning bolts highlight the ship’s high speed capability and state-of-the-art electronics. The anchor has a gear wheel hub which is taken from the City of Milwaukee flag, and has five exposed notches to indicate that this is the fifth naval vessel named after the City.

The Milwaukee Art Museum is centered between two wheat stalks. The landmark is familiar to the area skyline and is a symbol of the city’s future. The wheat stalks denote the growth and vitality of the city of Milwaukee.

The crossed sword and cutlass pointing downwards symbolize the teamwork and cooperation demonstrated by the war team of USS Milwaukee.

The ship’s motto is inscribed in dark blue swallowtail scroll with two gold stars on either end, reading “strength freedom” in gold letters. The motto “strength” and “freedom” emphasize the devotion and spirit of the City of Milwaukee. On the centerfold, a gold star with the year “1846” is written in blue letters to signify the year Milwaukee was founded. Finally, the five stars denote that this is the fifth ship in the LCS class.

Milwaukee (LCS 5) leadership visiting the city of Milwaukee, Wis. for the unveiling of the ship's crest


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  1. Don Goulet / May 14 2013 5:51 pm

    I believe the wheat stalks really represent the brewing industry….same as the wheat stalk on the logo of the Milwaukee Brewers. Probably can’t “officially” say that.

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