USS John Paul Jones Proves Most Capable Surface Ship in the Fleet

Earlier this week the recently modernized USS John Paul Jones (DDG 53) made Surface Navy history.

For the first time, a single ship shot down a ballistic missile in the upper atmosphere and simultaneously fired defensive anti-ship missiles. Sitting 400 miles off Kauai’s Pacific Missile Range Facility, John Paul Jones epitomized ‘Warfighting First’ by engineering and executing this mission so successfully. This was incredibly complex and proved the value of the Navy’s modernization program.

When John Paul Jones’ keel was laid 24 years ago, this technology was not yet in existence. Through effective modernizations and valuable investments in the fleet, today John Paul Jones represents the most advanced, capable ship in the Surface force.

This is huge deal and historic for the Surface Navy!

Modernization programs are not new. During the 1980s, WWII battleships were taken out of mothballs, reactivated and refitted with new electronics and new capabilities. In addition to those big guns they had, they were updated with technology that wasn’t even imagined when the battleships were first built.

This is playing out with John Paul Jones today. This joint effort between the Missile Defense Agency and U.S. Pacific Command, test proves the continued relevance of John Paul Jones and other Surface combatants.

This successful test is a game changer for the Surface Navy—not just in capability—but in expanding operational options. With a single ship we can engage multiple threats without deploying a second.

John Paul Jones is the MOST CAPABLE ship sailing the ocean today. Hats off to the Sailors and civilians who epitomize ‘Warfighting First’ by engineering and executing this mission so successfully.


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