Celebrating the Future USS Omaha

The future USS Omaha (LCS 12) will be formally commissioned and officially join the U.S. Navy’s fleet of warships during a noon ceremony at San Diego’s Broadway Pier tomorrow, Feb. 3. To help celebrate we’ve gathered up some cool facts about the ship and the city it’s named for.

Blank Omaha Ship FactOmaha Ship Facts:

1. Ship construction began Feb. 18, 2015. It launched Nov. 20, 2015, christened ‘Omaha’ Dec. 19, 2015, and accepted by the U.S. Navy during a ceremony in Mobile, Alabama on Sept. 15, 2017. It will be commissioned, Feb. 3, 2018.

2. Omaha is the 10th Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) to be delivered to the U.S. Navy and the 6th Independence-variant of the LCS class to join the flee, it is noted for its unique trimaran hull, ability to operate at high speeds, and its large flight deck.

3. The Independence-variant team led by Austal USA, in Mobile, Alabama, built Omaha. The ship is 419 feet in length with a waterline beam of 103 feet, a displacement of approximately 3,000 tons, and top speeds in excess of 40 knots.

4. Following commissioning, Omaha will be homeported in San Diego with fellow Independence-variant ships: USS Freedom, Independence, Fort Worth, Coronado, Jackson, Montgomery and Gabrielle Giffords.

5. The ship’s sponsor, Susan “Susie” Buffett, is well known in Omaha for her philanthropic efforts involving children, education and families. As the ship’s sponsor Susie, daughter of Warren Buffett, will serve as a permanent link between the ship and its namesake city Omaha, Nebraska.

Blank City FactOmaha Namesake Facts:

1. Omaha was founded in 1854 and has always been a dynamic, energetic city continually transforming itself.

2. Named after a Native American tribe, Omaha means “Those going against the wind or current.”

3. Currently the 42nd largest city in the U.S, and the largest city in the state of Nebraska, Omaha’s metropolitan area is home to over 950,000 people.

4. The future USS Omaha is the fourth Navy vessel to bear the name in honor of the patriotic, hard-working citizens of Omaha, and the state of Nebraska for their support of and contributions to the military.

5. Former Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus named a number of ships after landlocked cities in the U.S. interior because he felt it was a way to connect the nation to the ship’s of the U.S. Navy.“The name ‘Omaha’ will be carried throughout the world for decades,” the former secretary said.


Welcome to the fleet!


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